Jersey Devil

In the dense forest of Pine Barrens, South Jersey, America, dwells a legendary creature known as the jersey Devil. It is a Cryptid, a mix of two animals or more. Its body consists of the head of a deer or a goat, and has hooves for legs. Its trademark feature is the bat like wings on its body.


The origins of the Jersey devil are doubted even now. It is said to be 260 years old, around the time it was first sorted. Though many people believe it to be folklore, other witnesses have confirmed the existence of this creature in the heart of Pine Barren. There have been approximately 2000 such witnesses. According to the legend, the Jersey Devil was born to a Mrs. Leeds as her 13th child. The child was declared to be that of a devil, and banished from the human settlement.


The jersey devil is said to have terrorized, villages, schools, hospitals, highways etc. by flying over them. A theory related to the creature stated that it was an evolved form of a duck. Another theory stated that creature was the very essence of evil and harbinger of war. This theory materialized, as the number of sightings increased during years of the Civil War.


The Jersey Devil was witnessed by Jonathan Bonaparte, the Emperor of Spain and Napoleon’s brother. His claims resulted in widespread media attention, not only from New Jersey but also from the entire world. Search parties were sent and due the onset of photography, evidence was captured and shown to the public. The Jersey Devil also inspired the name for the New Jersey football team as well.