San Pedro Mountains Mummy

In 1932 at the prime of Gold hunting, gold prospectors dug deep into the mountains of Wyoming. In one such mounting, in a deep cave of granite, sitting calmly in a shelf was an odd artifact. The artifact was an incredibly preserved mummy of one of the legendary ‘little people’ of the Pedro Mountains.

The mummy was found sitting in the position of meditation, much synonymous with the sitting posture of the Buddha. It had a flat nose and was dark brown in color. The height of the mummy measured less than 14 inches. Upon X-ray, an estimate was made regarding the mummy’s age. It was 65 years old. The absolutely perfect preservation of the mummy baffled anthropologists and scientists alike. They determined that either the mummy was originally a pygmy or it was an earlier form of red Indians that inhabited the region.The mummy soon became a sideshow attraction. It was purchased by a wealthy businessman Ivan T. Goodman.

The fact that the mummy could belong to the secret pygmy people was also contested for a while. The mummy, many people claimed, was a proof of existence of such a race. Discoveries made in Tennessee in 1877 also revealed the existence of graves which were in fact fourteen inches long and 2 inches wide.

With advancement of technology, researchers did show intentions to study the mummy again and determine its origins; however the mummy was now untraceable. After transferring from the ownership of Goodman, the mummy landed in the hands of Leonard Wadle in 1980s when it was last seen in public. Its whereabouts are now a mystery. A reward of $10000 is now announced to the person who finds the missing mummy.